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Natural Secrets for Helping Your Child Overcome ADD/ADHD

Sunday, June 3rd, 2018, Noon – 2:00pm

in our Katy Clinic

How to help your child gain control, improve focus, and feel calm with natural, at-home self-care strategies that are proven to work and don’t involve ANY complicated, restrictive diets or overwhelming supplement regimens.

This works even if your child is taking medication.

Chris Axelrad, Founder and Director of The Axelrad Clinic, and Reagan Barry, Director of Holistic Pediatrics at The Axelrad Clinic, teach this groundbreaking FREE seminar.

This is for any parent who wants to improve their child’s mood, focus, and behavior using powerful, PROVEN 100% natural, at-home self-care strategies that calm and balance the brain and central nervous system.

And… it works even for kids who are already on medication. Not only that, there are no “gluten-free” or “food allergy tests” or any complicated or difficult processes involved.

Parents in attendance learn:

  • ONE simple morning routine that improves focus and has a profound effect on the neurotransmitters that regulate alertness, focus, and mood so your child shows up for school ready to learn every day.
  • The MOST POWERFUL diet change for reducing irritable mood and impulsive behavior… and it’s NOT gluten-free or EVEN sugar-free.
  • A simple and easy-to-implement daily habit that has a profound calming effect on the adrenal system, dramatically reducing ADD/ADHD symptoms.

PLUS, when you attend live, we will give YOU a very simple daily stress-reduction meditation to help you feel more calm throughout your day. We know how stressful it can be when you’re concerned about your child’s future.

Your child’s body is primed to heal. Since 2004, we’ve helped over 4,000 people in the Houston area balance their hormones and regulate their mood with 100% natural techniques. And now we’re taking that same high-level of expertise and helping the children of our community.

When you know what to do, you are able to help your child more effectively without the overwhelm and stress.

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(This seminar always fills to capacity. We kindly ask you to NOT reserve this ticket unless you are SERIOUS about coming to this event. Please do not take someone else’s seat.)

ALSO – NO CHILDREN ALLOWED AT THIS EVENT. Thank you for ensuring the environment is conducive to some serious learning as we do not have child-care available.