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Natural Secrets To A Calm, Focused, and Joyful Child

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018, 1pm – 2:30pm

in our Katy Clinic

The simple, non-overwhelming daily care rituals ANYONE can implement to keep their kids happy, healthy, and strong.

Chris Axelrad, Founder and Director of The Axelrad Clinic, and Reagan Barry, pediatric laser acupuncture specialist at The Axelrad Clinic,  teach this groundbreaking free seminar.

This is for any parent who wants to use powerful, PROVEN natural home-based daily health-care practices that keep their kids strong and focused, WITHOUT adding more medications (and it works even if the child is already on medication).

Attendees learn:

  • The one thing that – more than anything else – ensures your child’s nervous system is stable and strong so they have more focus and better mood.
  • One simple diet change that anyone can introduce into their child’s life that powerfully supports healthy immune function and metabolism. And it’s practically FREE.
  • The most important food you need to worry about in terms of your child’s brain development – and the easiest ways to deal with getting rid of it or eliminating it completely.

Your child’s body is designed to achieve and sustain perfect health, IF you know the right strategies to support and sustain this potential. We will show you EXACTLY what to do to get started ON YOUR OWN helping your child feel their best.

PLUS when you attend you will receive our

3-Foundations Of Focus And Calm For Kids

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